01-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

security every level airport insane baggage take whatever bag you want
far side dogs alcohol tragic untold story fight tiger
why coloring things right petting farm important sesame street grover
mechanic fix noise replace taylor swift van halen cd
gingerbread cookie monster alien
facebook calls extremist regular chick flipping bird
my day so much toilet paper eggs throw houses enemies
old men muppets why talking sexually workplace harassment children schools essential
havent lost marbles small hole in bag
democrat investigations russian collusion trump ukraine hunter laptop wasting time
masks burners gas stoves

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet most adult fck this doing it anyway
tweet stop trying please people joy annoying
tweet every 10 years reevaluate concept old
tweet catch errors emails reading sent folder
tweet teen girl sarcastic cool shirt still suck
tweet playing on computer bills not winning

Quote of the Day

quote krzyzewski arrogance requires advertising confidence speaks for itself

Message of the Day

message there is no cloud its just someone elses computer

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