01-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

better than having kids silence and money
someone tells you not stir pot but you know you will
dogs uber driver threw up in car driver ate excellent 5 stars
women periods pregnancy child birth men deal with tie
teacher benefit breast milk nice packaging
psychologist all dreams meaning cat riding shark
plans for new year facebook jail license plate
how old sarcastic dark sense humor ultrasound
mommys cyberbullying major tshirt
does have job meme lord daddy
old lady back in my dad toilet paper eggs sure grandma bed

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet 7 shots no side effects green hair meow
tweet teen really likes except say do advice breathe
tweet nothing prepares life getting out of beanbag chair 50s
tweet daughter worst mom ever youre note
tweet ancestors navigated oceans stars gps missing exits
tweet unhinged wealth flex eggs without checking

Quote of the Day

quote ferris bueller life moves pretty fast

Message of the Day

message minion cut back being sarcastic days t today tomorrow

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One thought on “01-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. If a bean bag chair challenges you in your 50’s,
    you best go ahead and get a “Help Chair” when you hit 60.

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