01-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

my horoscope old love come visit locks.jpg
going to get up workout 6am bed pig
texts wife rate scale its a trap ackbar
firefighter kevin help maze random drug test
least favorite bon jovi video buffalo bill silence lambs
why marry sense of humor wife good in bed
explain film plot badly thanos single father world hunger rock collection
zoolander cross paths meme rival friend comment section
greta thunberg view doorbell camera cook steak on gas stove
bart simpson falling stairs 2017 2023
grump just like that classified documents perfectly acceptable

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet guys get weirded cant keep pulling weight
tweet people without anxiety making decisions without worst case scenarios
tweet out of snacks what else do for fun
tweet anyone else sending u up texts therapist

Quote of the Day

quote all war based on deception suz tzu

Message of the Day

message out of in my control circle past opinion consume attitude energy social media

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