01-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

monday again cant keep living like this
simpsons stuck awkward small talk rolling down hill
mushrooms tasty nutritious poisonous unravel fabric of reality
start job like family here for money
fingers hand approval 1 ring love promises awkward
alien swing me on antidepressants
bobby king hill government wants fighting each other easier control zuckerberg
rino republicans fighting each other radical left
big government using big tech gun kill free speech
women he has wood burning stove raises chickens

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet morning googling ergonomic bed desks middle age
tweet no 1 2 headphones in dont talk to me
tweet give bros compliments collar leash outfit
husband cat poop on air sign

Quote of the Day

quote epictetus tempted outside approval compromised integrity witness own

Message of the Day

message heaven had good life looking down phone missed it

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