01-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

amazing butt walk away what an assss
cat in training knock over cup not pot
food living room tablet kitchen kid beat system
hot ex with girlfriend turn off ac dead possum texts
donut cheerios taste better no milk needed
9 of 10 times lose something put in safe place
taxation is theft whole point of robinhood story
year 2042 electric car wrong pronoun air conditioner cricket paste
skeleton still waiting brandon home raided hypocrisy classified docs

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet toddler bff who am when hungry
tweet taking kids restaurant never learn lesson
tweet ufo unidentified flying object
tweet stolen identity crying

Quote of the Day

quote frankl when no longer change situation challenged ourselves

Message of the Day

message life not box chocolates mixed vegetables freezer burn

How to Cover Up Your Role in Development of a Bioweapon

tweet musk fauci ethics check nih his wife

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One thought on “01-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Crimes against humanity charges for everyone. Nothing less, along with severe punishment upon conviction, will ever set our world straight or send a message to future mass murderers waiting in the wings.

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