01-27 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

how are you doing uncomfortable topic
when are we starting diet bar chart tomorrow
dogs drunk friends singing at bar
canadian women flirting winter not wearing underwear
far side fish worms husband wife fishing nice
meme gets stolen more reactions my achievement
man dies drowning morgue returns party learn this power
meme passengers when baby enters plane seats
woman model instagram guy soldier call of duty
shannon sharpe lebron james bodyguard carrying
eggs overly expensive bird flu chickens solution mask

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweets see something say nothing accomplice youre poor grammar
tweet underwear how likely sex grocery bag
tweet husband po picture thermostat 72
tweet months joned gym going in person

Quote of the Day

quote michael jordan if best not good enought not afraid to try baseball

Message of the Day

message science doesnt lie leftists with agendas do

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