01-28 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

therapist sees you out in public hiding bushes
kids last nerve winning sponge bob
cat work driving deciding start new life country
drinking bottles wine cork save birdhouse
noahs ark titanic elephants king of world
why is it always so funny and sad
finally pay raise rent goes up same amount
when someone says too many guns bald eagles
rambo sheriff showerhead light bulbs gas stoves

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet nothing terrifies husband no gifts valentines day
tweet decided not to have children telling them tonight
tweet pregnant woman belly ate baby
tweet oreos veganism cocoa soy oil corn
tweet dating exhausting telling trauma soulmate

Message of the Day

message grass isnt greener over there snapchat filter

Quote of the Day

quote sowell fauci easy to be wrong paid by others

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