01-30 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

hr showing me all posts how much hate job
dog pickup in shop forced to drive wifes car
tell kids these all batman kilmer patterson clooney keaton bale
due to personal reasons not following any of the rules
pharmaceutical first meeting adderall meth children
google gmail someone signed in account device
new tragedy in world happens facebook shtposters dancing
looking for memes to steal lotr nasty inappropriate friends love
sheep shaved gross vs net salary deductions
quality inn parking valet sign
biden hunter classified documents ukraine need tanks
pfizer trap drinks at bar

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet first date like rated ma alcohol sexual content
tweet hours late someone watching parallel park
tweet seems how to use fire extinguisher shouldnt have 30 second youtube ad
tweet veterinarians knock dog naked

Quote of the Day

quote denzel washington red car opportunity mad think

Back in the Days When MLB Pitchers Weren’t So Coddled

nolan ryan after 5000 innings

Message of the Day

message someone cant be done their limits not yours

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