02-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

punxsutawney phils ex wife compulsive liar living florida
tom brady lost cowboys time to retire antonio brown
follow me more workout tips plank to sleep
wife made dinner clean kitchen dishes pots pans
5 minutes social interaction did my time want out
how single good looking listener nice overqualified
m&m taxes son give some prison
are you crazy respond yes end of discussion
thought police raid saw meme
anakin padme government reached debt limit spending
homer simpson blm equal treatment corporations universities

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet having kids vacuum followed cupcake
tweet remember confused life lesson for soulmate
tweet kid play doh snake turd
tweet retire like sports commentator spreadsheet google interaction critique

Quote of the Day

quote syrus wise man corrects errors from others

Message of the Day

message no age limit when it comes to being badass 3 wheeler

Random Thoughts of the Day

Divider-in-Chief Joe Biden continued his #1 duty of redirecting hate to convenient targets, this time with his attacks on oil company profits. Notice, he never attacks the current record profits of Big Pharma companies like Pfizer and Moderna, nor defense contractors such as Raytheon and Lockheed Martin. And these latter companies, unlike oil companies, didn’t have RECORD LOSSES and BANKRUPTCIES during the government-imposed Covid restrictions. I also don’t hear him attacking record profits of alternative energy companies, which would be losing money if not for massive government subsidies. On the contrary, of all these companies, fossil fuel ones have by far the largest tax & compliance costs, which of course only adds to the energy prices of Americans. Pop quiz, what do you think will happen to energy prices & inflation if Biden imposes more “windfall taxes” on oil companies? 🤔

joe biden energy policy fuel gauge empty
joe biden fuel pump russian energy usa energy shutdown ukraine
joe biden plug domestic energy
i stand with raytheon ukraine flag
liberal corporate greed chevron exxon take money pfizer moderna

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