02-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

friend got thinner diet poverty
cats when non hugger gets hugged
lego truck mankind final weapon godzilla
pie chart months january february summer
cant put price human life litigation safety public health
sargent hulka strips lighten up francis dark sense humor thick skin
hunter biden chinese spy balloon
little red riding big bad wolf concealed carry
world economic forum eat more beef eat more chicken bugs
rebel just wanted make own health decisions
weather balloon china totally not spying

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet davos beef unvc planes hypocrisy suvs
tweet ice cream sitting up core stronger
tweet trying hard less external validation
tweet girlfriend like having cat naps snacks ignore hair everywhere
tweet ticketmaster additional fees concert

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Quote of the Day

quote jimmy dean cant control wind adjust the sails

Message of the Day

message people educated enough to recite but not question taught

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