02-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

grogu baby yoda tomorrow work god brought me into world against will and crying
didnt know teacher hungover vcr tv rolled class
been week since last mental breakdown showtime beetlejuice
kramer chicken friend cold beer pair jeans just right radio on
friends joey teach kid emotional regulation skills none
initial psychiatrist evaluation big yikes
girl obviou hints phone ferris wheel
biden xi allowed to shoot down balloon gotten everything needed
plane takeout work email sent attached file missing
people dont like your version velma hbo max
newsom california true freedom state crime taxes homeless drugs
transparent joe biden top secret biden family ccp cash
no china spying balloon look at tiktoks

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet think about work at home work
tweet parents right all along music too loud
tweet 3 day weekend errands social victorian disease

Quote of the Day

quote einstein world dangerous evil people do nothing about

Message of the Day

message grass greener not fcking it up

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