02-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

interviewer see yourself 10 years atv dogs
coworkers teams calls me muted no video
famous topics art history giving cat pill
same old mistakes glorious new frost two roads diverged in a wood
winter bird seed feeder forwarding address florida
warming up po someone on internet today
conspiracy talk makes people feel weird
simpsons grandpa asked put without spcial media
food floor eat 7.3 second 5 inflation
zelensky ukraine billions check biden 10 percent big guy

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet thanks dishwasher safe cup disposable
tweet celebrating developmental milestones age colonoscopy
tweet tired up obsessing things cant control

Quote of the Day

quote elon misk wef unelected world government no one wants

Message of the Day

message dont worry not happy with u not happy themselves

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3 thoughts on “02-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Misery meme is quite true.

    As a Christian, I sometimes think about reasons to believe. Prophesies that came true, history, etc.

    But the biggest might be the misery of the human existence. People do things our way, watch it fall apart, then blame God for it.

    Misery, selfishness, sin, the world is broke. It makes sense that the Creator would want to fix it, hence Jesus.

    • Recall that God told us that after Jesus, that was it – he wasn’t answering prayers nor interfering with mankind anymore – we are entirely on our own.

      I don’t view that as a bad thing because, like your parents finally moving out, being on your own forces you to be your best and makes your accomplishments all the more special due to them being your own rather than something your folks helped you with.

      So like our parents, God is always there to give us support, comfort and encouragement, but that’s it – our success and failure is 100% our own.

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