02-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

superbowl halftime show want to see weird al
guide eating fish in workplace unacceptable
meme characters in my dreams late night
friends with benefits cat holding phone
watching paper straw dissolve millionaire day trip private jet
seinfeld sponge bob complaints not spongeworthy
longer stay home more homeless cat
nina luft red balloons german woman warned
greet dog samual jackson owner talking
facebook censorship tank tianmen go f yourself
never imagine point forced medical procedure bugs
3 years covid any venue alcohol disguised as hand sanitizer
newsom teachers unions puppet

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet know deep intimate level resist every step
tweet mad boyfriend thinking bike tires made
tweet voted student loan eggs ww3

Quote of the Day

quote orourke buying selling controlled by legislation legislators

Message of the Day

message people understand level of perception responsibility not get lost projecting

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5 thoughts on “02-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. I got the name Nina Luft from the joke (?) about balloons. Had never heard the name before. Looked her up. “99 Red Balloons” – had never even heard it or even of it. One heck of a story. (Wikipedia gives a good write up.)

    • It was also released in German under the title “Neun und Neunzig Luft Balloons”. Her name was actually Nena…she was German.

      • The German version is way sexier than the English version. Way more close ups of her beautiful face, and the song in German is just extra wonderful. Check out the video.

    • I was going to ignore this but it bothered me that you never heard 99 balloons. I am 75 years old and I can remember it being played on the radio stations and there was a video on MTV playing regularly.

  2. I was born in 1941, in Australia. I was out of high school before Brisbane got it’s first TV channel. Emigrated 1970. Started working two weeks after I arrived, my wife started working a month later. Lived with my wife’s parents for six weeks, moved into an apartment for 18 months, then bought a three bedroom house.

    Our ‘entertainment’ – a 19 inch B&W TV. There was a radio in the VW Bug. We both worked any overtime available. I wasn’t exposed to much ‘current’ US ‘entertainment’. MTV – never watched or listened. I don’t feel deprived at all. When we did watch TV – “Hee Haw”, “Laugh In” and the Dodgers.

    Weekends – camping in the Southern California desert. Borrego Springs to Death Valley to the Dale Mining District. By 1974 we could afford a tent.

    My wife was raised on classical music, and I was exposed to it as well. I guess we don’t really fit into that portion of the modern world.

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