02-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

valentines day chocolate dinner two regret
wont become cranky old bastards tiktok dancing lip syncs.
1980s fun day out tree bike crash consciousness
candy heart places lotion in the basket valentines day
old couple wife talk too much silent treatment
valentines day gift box chocolates cat
keenu what if valentines day pharma push depression medicine
sign balloon rides cancelled
you joe goldberg to from kill for you
ghostbusters here looking at me zuckerberg
joe biden lies state of union delivery notes

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet mom ketchup wonder pizza kids sushi
tweet irrational anxiety swim 1 hour die
tweet save money staying end underestimate ability spend in

Quote of the Day

quote we have one time on earth 60 wake up

Message of the Day

message once year someplace never been before

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