02-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

rsvp wedding invitation beef port child fish
car flipped sign thank you driving carefully
cat sitting face called me inconsiderate
cheap flowers chocolate empty restaurants day after valentines day
bobby king of hill new outfit conspiracy theorist kiss mirror
madonna world theatened by my power get to bed
cat shut up work bestie fired
hello from bottom of social media news feed
check attitude still here
democrats biden 87000 irs agents tips

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet cold showers few joys in life
tweet husband walked bar id murderers
tweet time machine kid trash ban future
tweet bent over picked ice cube better

New Meme Gallery Added

Therapist/Shrink/Psychiatrist Meme Gallery 3

Quote of the Day

quote daly nicotene + caffeine equals protein

Message of the Day

message control everything enjoy nothing

Only the Government/Media/Tech Empire Can Tell You What Is OK to Say

question why ok say chinese spy balloon not virus

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