02-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

nice owning house throwing money away rent plumbing
what really happened humpty dumpty cat stairs
miss piggy how i sleep family disappointment
dog zoom class introduce butt computer
friend drunk snort non organic goldfish crackers
california green policies pot of gold pay energy bill here
cant wait retire drive around 6am make late
wish george carlin richard pryor alive commentatry todays society
friends gambling facebook ban again betting
liberals blm love low income housing not my neighborhood
 rihanna superbowl womens icon flyover pilots
portland simulator coffee foggy step human sht

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweets tsa agent open sandwich child
tweet health insurance pay a lot something happens
tweet children fundraisers economics free hat

New Meme Gallery Added

Cats Meme Gallery 3

Quote of the Day

quote michael jordan last dance winning has a price

Message of the Day

message most people mediocre cowardly conformitists lion

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