02-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

what like growing up 80s playboy beer tombstone cigarette
thanks joining webinar how to manage working from home zoom
kermit text me call me hang up answer
ozone depletion big hairdos 80s admit guilt
sign unlike man margarita hits the spot everytime
irs spy balloon joke tax evasion work
cat window what am i doing with my lives
constitution first and if fck with that 2nd amendment
talk sex coworkers liberals harrassment kids democrat sponsor
mayor pete transportation secretary clean up crew not too many white guys
family guy facebook 30 day bans electric chair

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet introvert get out of house see why dont go out
tweet rent keeps getting higher i get same age mcconahey
tweet website cookies autoplay newsletter
tweet way superbowl ended horse

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Quote of the Day

quote samual adams tryants pervert meaning of words

Message of the Day

message allow yourself proud progress no one sees

Be Sure to Eat Your Bugs, Trash Your Gas Stoves, and Spend All Your Savings on an Electric Car!

tweet more than 200 private jets leave after superbowl

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2 thoughts on “02-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. On those 200 private jets leaving us at the Super Bowl was over:

    I wish it was 1000 or 5000.

    I praise God for rich people.
    Being wealthy is not evil some of the great people we read of in the Bible like Job and Abraham were tremendously wealthy.

    It doesn’t feel like it but I’m in the 90 percentile of wealth
    that means 90% of the people have less than I do 10% have more.

    I’m not willing to put out the effort to get to the 91 percentile, others are

    I know a man that’s probably in the 99% but would not trade places with him for all the tea in China

    One of those rich people now deceased said that God has blessed him with the ability to create wealth and run A very large corporation with multiple factories
    He could sell everything and probably down to his great grand children have enough money for them to never work if they managed it properly

    But he said that God gave him this ability and wealth to employ people and that’s what I do
    He demanded the best out of his people and if he did not get it they went elsewhere.

    The earth is the lords and the fullness thereof.
    He gives wealth and ability to people and they are held accountable as to what they do with it.

    If you hate rich people then stop working for the companies that they own.

    And those that get wealthy in elected office why don’t you stop voting for them.

    Take the time to watch “a man for all seasons” the 1966 version with Paul Scofield
    great line- “what man has been chancellor of England and not gained over £100?”

    • You missed the point.

      It isn’t about being against the rich. It’s about the hypocrisy.

      The 99% must be controlled, economically destroyed, and live under the jackboot of tyranny, all to stop our carbon footprint …

      While the 1% ignore carbon and do as they please.

      Do you understand? Tell us to eat bugs to save the planet, while feasting on Japanese steak.

      Either they don’t care about the planet, or they know it’s all a lie to control the masses. Either way, it’s wrong.

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