02-19 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

grogu ex texted me turned phone upside down
dogs chair dads turn to give dinner stare
mother in law raise kids seen your work
fishing shirt picture day assmasters
hangovers over 30 costanza kill me now
women heard deciper between propaganda and facts
sending friend request to normal person
toilet paper roll this is the way baby yoda
fighter pilot flying saucer what pronouns
inflation pot thankful not as hot late june
epa gas stoves dangerous environment ohio perfectly safe

Social Media Posts of the Day

quora for f sake work email professional
tweet jellyfish million years survive no brains people
tweet two types jobs screamed at teams jingle

Quote of the Day

quote sam adams unalterable resolution to be free

Message of the Day

message never know how strong only choice you have

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