02-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

grogu killing people kindness voodoo
oranges refrigerator watching me kit kat dessert
cat vr couch scratching ignoring human virtual reality
terminator doctors joint pain after 50 cant be bargained with
aliens take to leader laugh at us biden
every time turn on news jefferson grab my musket robin williams
john kerry heinz world economic forum let them eat bugs
math test train derail toxic chemicals politician distractions
wife snaps dog kids husband girl hungry
random medical news study can cause panic gobblygook media
presidents day sale james or hunter china

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet cauliflower white broccoli trying steak potatoes
tweet eating 5 boxes girl scout cookies supporting young female entrepreneurs
tweet wedding gifts reward split bills live in sex giver
tweet rand paul ohio governor biden zelensky mask

Quote of the Day

quote some quit slow progress is progress

Message of the Day

message goal wake up disobey government

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