02-23 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kids ice cream truck adults amazone prime
costco customers know find everything mix it up again
grogu need get life together waiting world ends put effort in
medical bracelet delete browser history
microsoft excel x e memes why
brag 10th end of world survived burgundy
monopoly old game luxury tax rich people go to jail
preach truth start unfriending anyone else door
clown world great moments in science kids masks
burglar downstairs fool gun house
joe biden plane snoopy balloons classified sippy cup

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet son dad monster under bed pays rent
tweet youre quiet how weird social situation
tweet kids hamster espcaped hiding in closet
tweet biden zelensky miles dc ukraine east palestine ohio hug

Quote of the Day

quote lamott everything work if unplugged few minutes outdoors

Message of the Day

message past present future expectations experiments

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