02-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

life summarized one photo concentrate butterfly
coop sign emergency meeting liquor store
stands up fast entire body auto warning lights
cassette found in creek kid from civil war
conservative news speech thought police line blacklist
70s 80s mom barely touched exaggerating hand print
we have immune systems conspiracy theorist liberal masks
sign how to paint a cat dck devil
expectations joe biden low holy trainwreck
called ahole warm feeling

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet remember global warming rebranded climate change fear mongering
tweet healthcare system perfect healthy no eyes teeth
tweet husband wife jogging doritos

Quote of the Day

quote strongest hearts have most scars

Message of the Day

message wisth offended people responded like fainting goats

Don’t Worry, the Economy Isn’t Bad for Everyone 👍

Rolls-Royce Shares Soar After 57% Increase in Profits
Raytheon Profits Increase by 60.7%, Driven by Defense Spending
Americans Lost 23% of Their 401(k) Savings in 2022, Fidelity Says

king economy great shape people
biden laundromat ukraine 10 percent for big guy

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