02-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

never better pickup line napolean dynamite not fat whole milk
minion muscle get fit gym
history mental illness family start somewhere kirk
batman robin catwoman sidetracked box
saved hundreds not going costco rotisserie and toilet paper
cuts off 37 manbuns lords work
grogu not enough sleep everything pos stop trees
fire border fentanyl inflation economy biden hose ukraine
need continuous boosters science isnt working business model is
joe biden shooting down balloons civilian china

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet aaron rodgers hobbit like room training new york
tweet raising mental health awareness very bad
tweet text friends stop to cancel bothering
tweet adult resetting passwords every day die
tweet put the no in ill let you know

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Quote of the Day

quote robichaux want guys drink water hose not mommy powerade

Message of the Day

message lisa simpson memes better current events news

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