03-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

recipe found on the internet pots pans
baby yoda mature pay bills righty tighty
drunk me said did something not sober there
sponge bob 2016 as far away as 2030
dahl department of wokeness rewrites charlie chocolate factory 1984 next
my fbi agent following page realizing life lie
aroused by coworker hard at work star trek
build back better 2023 shoe hole polish
biden zelensky waiting for dad weekly allowance

As Much Fun It Is to Learn About Stalagmites, Factoring Quadratics, Annual Rainfall in Brazil, etc….

message high school teach life taxes change tire cooking first aid

BREAKING! Government & Mainstream Media Crack Another Story!

lab leak now likely source covid us agency

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet millenials zoomers wwiii panic gen x we got you
tweet dance nobody watching email deposition
tweet garage sale hours planning work 35 dollars
tweet millennials minimalists gig economy broke

Quote of the Day

quote denzel washington bird branch own wings

Message of the Day

message choices life unfair make bad situation work

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