03-09 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

bar person dog cat break squirrel red dot
italian hospital employee skipping work 15 years power
car driving high beams
kids complain spotify never know struggle boombox cassette
love life spilled jar pizza
hate brushing teeth night signifies no food not committed
tucker unseen video evidence schumer j6 worse than civil war pearl harbor
quote remember not a lie if you believe it costanza media cnn nyt wapo nbc
barbie feminists young girls unrealistic crisis heman
keystone xl joe biden college loans didnt go credit cards

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet mom whats wrong grandkids
tweet do it now later marry each other
tweet game day only rule change baseball sell alcohol end of game

Quote of the Day

quote hippocrates greatest medicine teaching people not need it

Message of the Day

message life hard comfort zone staying in it or leaving it

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