03-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

kermit clean bedroom barbeque grill people
sponge bob grocery teacher sees student
single cliff i love you echo just want to be friends
how do wanted 2 years mandates ignored them kept working metals
woody buzz lightyear dollars foreign countries house senate
virtue signaler liberals sign blm masks pronouns ukraine
shrink liberal constantly easily offended forcing tucker carlson
wsj save money skip breakfast poor try starving
adam kinzinger jan 6th tucker carlson blocks

democrats tucker carlson selectively edit january 6th video half story

Social Media Posts of the Day

ai check boxes sarah conor mother rebel resistance
tweet dishwasher partnership scandanavian architect raccoon meth
tweet cant drink like 30 then proceed do so

Quote of the Day

quote junger problem not eating food foodlike products

Message of the Day

message ramsey tax refund not bonus your money all along

Why I No Longer Watch the “News”

The gaslighting, corruption, and blatant dishonesty are too much to take.

mainstream media dont believe lying eyes nbc cnn cbs msnbc npc
unseen j6 footage shining tucker carlson kinzinger liz cheney
tweet jan 6th forever government staged riot cover up fraudulent election

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