03-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

eyeball kid checking awake yet
rope machete duct tape krispy kreme donuts
wife blt chicken sandwich bitch
sign when old enough know better kick in
lebron james whats racism end worth not stopping china
pharmacist side effects kick in something for those rx
stripper hustler club student loans sign
alien take me to your leader biden lives in china
progressive plumbing not leak wuhan conspiracy theory
tragic police encounter show taps bodycam jan 6th run away tucker tapes

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet dating man kids harder mine
tweet 1976 year born daughter closer to holocaust

Quote of the Day

quote bon jovi not too comfortable who are want to be

Message of the Day

message office government business no incentive deliver customers pay under threat incarceration

More “Science” from the Branch Covidians 🙄

novak djokovic cant enter united states maher stuck on stupid

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