03-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

grogu reached age respond late text next morning
sign staff dont feed squirrels bacon pedestrians
headline relatable hiker lost woods unknown number
so tell me bad guys lower taxes medical freedom live way i want
teacher kid reading install new software brains
youre lucky man tell guy bang girlfriend
sometimes need play with biden voodoo dolls
stock heat index prices falling ukraine up 100 percent
fauci scientists wear sponsor jackets nascar pfizer moderna jnj
bidens budget taxpayers slap increases will smith chris rock
uniparty republicans mcconnell democrats schumer silence tucker carlson

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet intact people after dead ghosts real
tweet role play doctor patient sex waiting
tweet higher copay medical history online paper doctor

Quote of the Day

quote castaneda can make ourselves miserable or strong amount work same

Message of the Day

message only young once can stay immature

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