03-15 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

never related to tuna drained ready to eat
conway eyecare children of cornea field
raiders going from derek carr jimmy garropolo same shirt
80s generation tough watched clowns breakfast
chip shortage affecting local mexican restaurant
book not always parents fault kid messes up internet anger
silicon valley bank spirit halloween
employees overworked underpaid quitting pizza time
biden budget plan balloon iron tax spend
frog scorpion crash economy both drown
big banks rescued fed firemen everyone else burning
babies first words change my gender diaper

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet miss biden did nothing 47 years
uberfacts biggest scam paying taxes buying taxed money
tweet pizza hutt specials delivery total
tweet if trying impress food truck

Quote of the Day

quote ayala didnt grow up havibg role models dealt cards shuffle

Message of the Day

message if take away freedoms passionate i am keeping them

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