03-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

how much trust humanity lock flipflops
learn group projects pie chart do own hate people
big bad dog three pigs house sticks
cat grammar lie keyboard lay dead mouse pillow class
sign prefer kale with silent k
ancestry.com toaster camcorder r2d2
biden budget march madness tax spend brackets
citizen if print money why paying taxes
banks open everyone having wonderful time jaws
joe biden shadow knows dckhead
chuck schumer censorship tucker carlson threat democracy
got taxes done owe ukraine money

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet once article extroverted tips quiet reflective
tweet no one tells old reading amazon reviews lightbulbs
tweet who is calling important voicemail

Quote of the Day

quote asimov education not something can finish

Message of the Day

message dont subscribe other people definition fun alone book art music

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