03-20 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

simpsons before show meme collection promise not fall in lover with me
dogs treadmill squirrel screen chasing
cat awkward moment spirit animal couch cant reach food
ceo silicon valley bank right before collapse joker
over 40 charcuterie board pills medications
dad son believe honest politicians myth no one seen
me adding up government stories lies calculator
dumb dumber kohls cash
humansville sign nice try aliens
imagine invested people care about politics financial solvency svb social security
silicon valley bank bailout newsom family cheers
news us financial moral free fall biden indict trump distract

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet expensive salad drink thanks reasonable normal
tweet millenials teens dont think cool why start now
tweet toddler go to room timeout chilling hulu
tweet finding chocolate wrappers daughter raised hide evidence

Quote of the Day

quote orwell however much deny truth goes on existing

Message of the Day

message sign hate peer pressure so should you

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