03-21 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

wife cant believe internet local singles meet
sign cat milk bot from cats people bot goong make it
dogs cats food excited conparison
biden caution quicksand ukraine biden long as it takes
dont know banks collapsing pulled 28 dollars wells fargo
posting anti government stuff hear helicopters overhead
dog owners giving pill cat bloody
rage against machine fans obey the rules graffiti
someone says posts make look mentally ill
millions americans slipped poverty coronavirus government push cliff
biden stop banks collapsing remimposed mask mandate
biden ukraine afghanistan banks balloon safe prince pride word means

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet unreasonable brain solve problems touch cactus
tweet would date you boombox in rain
tweet learn first kid parenting 2nd one completely different flawed system

Quote of the Day

quote furtick dont compare bloopers others highlight reel

Question of the Day

question lisa simpson arm ukraine allies implication disarm citizens

Message of the Day

message self educated cant fooled institutionalized propaganda

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