03-22 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

forget learned college job unqualified
feeling exhausted energy drink faster heart rate
catnip dispensary jade fade mellow kitty pot
zuckerberg cigarette realizing bans never going to shut me up
baby yoda late for work car wouldnt start wasnt in it
joe biden long gone blowups student loans bailouts social security debt
sex change minors flanagan grown ups listen kids tyrannosaurus rex
joe biden regulate everywhere all at once light bulbs stoves oil
grandpa 2023 spy balloons aliens war

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet texter or facetimer do not disturb
tweet multitask ignore listen forget same time
tweet took 3 employees complete self checkout

Quote of the Day

quote robert frost half world something say cant nothing keep on saying it

Message of the Day

message grabbing money life reach end cliff

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