03-24 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

grogu think hurt feelings overthinker own
pessimist glass half full cat on floor
me failing self defense 15th time woman
how much owe irs how much think gunslingers
kermit friend group 1 humor 3
china russia pact biden climate change equity diversity
fauci talk lord savior big pharma
do you have mask flipping bird finger
joe biden everything is fine fire
woke bank atm esg insured slot machine casino

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet when kid drive home happy hour next phase life
tweet work email less time to do than send
tweet personality needy kid teenage rebel old woman needs nap
tweet monkey bar fall then dislocated shoulder ice cream scoop

Quote of the Day

quote ty webb stop thinking let happen be the ball

Message of the Day

message problem closed minded mouths always open

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