03-25 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

grogu someone honked parking space must sit here until dies
dog mad barks mailman people tiny boxes tv sports
omelette cake seasoned flour sugar oil chocolate
ron swanson government employee zero initiative tom
biden hands in china cookie jar
every argument moral high ground raccoon
scientists discovered people believe anything if say
why homeschooled mommy like you as girl
biden case of emergency trump policies dummies energy economy border
cable news trump deja vu indicted any day 2016 to 2023

Why Leftists Should Never Be In Charge of Allocating Resources

Remember, these losses are even AFTER massive government subsidies…

ford electric vehicle losses

Sure, the Media Can Be Trusted đź‘Ś

tweet bill gates yahoo news rogan donations

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet 90s stuck house no internet do you know children are
tweet go love woods screen time up
tweet how poor 4 digit pin 3 digit balance
tweet new business cards dont contact me

Quote of the Day

quote brand thing politicians fear differing perspectives people coming together

Message of the Day

message focus on next 24 hours closer happen think

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