03-26 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

boss turn on zoom camera sean penn
dogs chase delivery trucks before so many
woman five beers game when i knew she was the one
liberals voted taxes up property owners rent goes up
c students trade school money gifted college students
redacted thomas jefferson tree of liberty refreshed
lisa simpson you hate mega corporations wealth weaponize state destroy competition
pretending listen pharmacist double dose drink alcohol
janet yellen nationalizing banks banana republic trump arrest

But You Peasants Need to Cut Back from Consuming Resources and Destroying the Planet

beyonce jay z 200 million dollar home

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweets cnn reporter san francisco robbed downsides
tweet health insurance month deductible
tweet 10 20 30 astronaut knees not hurt hour
tweet didnt enjoy homework first time dont have kids
tweet teen burger fries salad bill do what want

Quote of the Day

quote patch adams purpose life quality of life not delay death

Message of the Day

message sometimes lives shaken rearranged relocate place meant to be

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