03-29 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

calls phone instead of texting nope nope muppets
cats 2 brain cells make decision glass
sign push your buttons trying mute
irs when you cheat on your tax youre trying to kipnap what ive rightfully stolen
hollywoke strange not lining up see movies
open her nightstand drawer dancing toys
psychiatrist couch is orange man in room with us right now
linus lucy pro choice bulb gun coal soda abortion
government parasites thieves psychopaths war criminals
people grieving nashville liberals shooters preferred pronouns

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet fit girl panera apple baguette life not for me
tweet hr coworkers handmade gifts finger heart
tweet kids shows tom jerry bugs bunny coyote road runner
tweet any job rockstar underpaying you

Quote of the Day

quote niezche corrupting youth high esteem think alike

Message of the Day

message have better tomorrows give best today

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