03-31 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

evil kermit friends terrible ideas act
golf balls headed to lake beach
baby yoda me trying not to choose violence meditating
cat wine pro tip if seeing double close one eye
be grow up sarcastic people hating meme problem
bill gates named microsoft after my weiner change my mind
caveman joe biden wheel build back better
millenials bad place y2k recessions plague 911
real estate agent buy now before it gets worse
leader of world not free yuan xi iran putin biden woke agenda
media hate crime driven to violence trans lgbtq chart

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet best march madness basketball knowledgeable mascot girl
tweet penny found better earned taxed
tweet tsa peanut butter liquid aerosols gels
tweet wish dolly parton sang 10-3
tweet knowing stuff worst for mental health
tweet mommy foot growing hurting daddy tried

Message of the Day

message if money material things better poorest person on earth

Quote of the Day

quote being happy best of all defenses medicine laughter

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2 thoughts on “03-31 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Being better than others is subjective. If I make better decisions with my life, what does that make me? Definitely better off than someone who makes all the wrong decisions. If what you do with your life harms others, and what I do with my life helps others, what do we have? Clearly one person would be perceived as better than the other. If what you do indirectly harms others, are you a bad person for it? What if what I do indirectly helps others? Am I not a better person? If I help someone out financially, or materialistically, and someone comes along and steals everything I gave to that person, who is the better person?

    Dave Ramsey teaches to live like no one else, so later you can live, and GIVE, like no one else. Generous people are not better than selfish people?

    Living in poverty when you don’t have to is self harm. Dragging your family down with you is the face of pure evil!

    Sure, building wealth, and having whatever you want, doesn’t make you a better person, in general, but there are clear examples were you can be the better person.

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