04-01 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

texts gets together ask dog said no
final four basketball menus somewhere state kidding
baby yoda poke head skip intro
cats fishing catch and release world gone mad
text scams irs walmart gift cards under a rest
youre weird compliment
leaving thrift store on payday
federal reserve print more money everything ok inflation
elon test artificial intelligence twitter 8 dollars big brain
joe biden hush money china
biden no one needs assault weapon why swat team nashville

Social Media Posts of the Day

reddit 5050 chance death 5 million dollars work
tweet gen x millenials gen z parents strategies knife kitchen weed
tweet dont take wrong way 100 percent will
tweet disorienting older passionate younger historical wrong lecture
tweet spend 8 dollars shipping hundred more free choice clear

Quote of the Day

quote ron swanson lying skim milk water

Message of the Day

message successful person leaves cart middle parking lot small things big things

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