04-02 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

generation bashing gen x welcome first time notice us
remember if said outloud or in head
smudge angry lady cat strong world better place coffee
mental health cover building avoid hospitalization
ocasio cortez judging people by color wrong wish you privileged white people would understand that
i want the truth fact checkers independent guidance from fbi
coming soon apartments never afford graffiti
people who did waco texas want you mad over jan 6th
mentally unstable hate christians press go after gop republicans
bill clinton can now indict former president paying off sex
20 dollars multimillionaire women wage gap lecture

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet every day joints shocked disgusted use intended purpose
tweet shy at first boom most annoying ever
tweet years eat healthy workout years more
tweet being alive out of price range

Quote of the Day

quote ron swanson never too early to learn government is greedy piglet

Message of the Day

message benefits of physical books

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