04-05 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

teacher stuck on problem ask partner deer fence
ghostbusters accountant in the streets keymaster sheets
group chat texts mom day pleasure see conversation
bart homer simpson 8 pages side effects rx so far
any history book governments disarm citizens do something worth shooting for
marxism wokeness postmodernism what is this
joe biden years swamp life lord of the flies
babylon bee doctor startling increase testicular injuries womens sports
dressed like owman klinger 1953 out of army 2023 promotion
feds monitoring social media posts investigating epsteins client list

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet tom cruise highest paid actor zelensky
tweet office culture donuts whole one cut different
tweet wife marshmallow seltzer instead of beer
tweet wife donate money pta fundraiser

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Quote of the Day

quote spock star trek dont play with superglue

Message of the Day

message micromanager pay to walk best talent walk away

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