04-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

slept like baby wake up screaming terror confusion
texts burgers drinks salsa music bdsm party
sign everything mixes well with tequila except decisions
baby shower cookie pull out game balloons
ape gorilla stop saying evolved you people aholes
them cat dont cross the line paw
banana republic term corrupt politicians use government destroy opponents
budweiser now identify as queen of beers
george soros prosecutor chess pieces da
if youre white chart racism culture chart
guns defend president congress celebrities stores children sign free zone

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet npr ceo musk state affiliated media twitter account
tweet scary kid electronic device addicted say to phone
tweet me can be unhinged today as treat
tweet walk in front of kids pets spouse
quora work hours ceo microsoft word shove

Quote of the Day

quote peaceful accept flaws emotional intelligence gaslighting

Message of the Day

message some days move moutains sofa to couch baby yoda

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4 thoughts on “04-06 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. The quote of the day sounds great until you realize the unhinged leftists think they accept their flaws, have emotional intelligence and remember exactly what happened. Just think of all the street interviews asking about Donald Trump and the insane leftists are absolutely sure Donald Trump is Satan and Hitler’s child and can barely coherently list a single thing Donald Trump did wrong. But they are absolutely sure of themselves.

    You can’t just “know”, you have to doubt yourself and verify that what you believe is really true.

  2. I don’t say this often enough Mr. Miserli but well done. I always look forward to my morning jolt of philosophy and humor.

    Keep it up.

    Thank you

  3. I do believe that I misspelled your name. Sorry about that. Caffeine level hasn’t been established yet. 🙂

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