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drive thru lady finally snapped scan phone
owner home early cat fishing aquarium fish tacos
happy easter glenn close michael douglas fatal attraction
gentle creature love stirring the pot cat knives
come on spring not even trying to fight back
scientists discover dog with two aholes joe jill biden
deciding white wine goes best with societal collapse
manhattan courthouse trump derangement season 7
thank you being great turtles not mitch mcconnell
fixing 2024 fight democrat referee biden

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tweet parenting books warn childrens song repeat
tweet son division remainder problem understand play
tweet childhood lava truth serum quicksand weight gain existential dread

YOU Are a Member of “the Rich” They Want to Tax

I’ve blogged how taxes sold as only affecting “the rich” eventually make its way to the lower/middle class, and I’m not just talking about through higher prices. I mean actual cash sent in to the government. A perfect example is the tax on social security benefits. Yes, the benefits you’ve earned through paying social security taxes your whole life are taxed yet again when you receive them. Of course, this only applies if you’re a member of “the rich,” at least that is how it was slipped past voters into law. So, what is considered rich?–if you have combined income (i.e. social security, employment, etc.) that exceeds $34,000 for singles, or $44,000 for a married couple. The actual calculation is purposely so complex that the average person can’t easily picture the taxable amount, but the point is, would you consider a married couple with $44,000 income rich?

Believe it or not, a threshold that a senior greeter at Walmart can now easily beat was once considered fairly high, but government used one of its oldest tricks in the book, it didn’t index the threshold for inflation. As the U.S. Dollar has plummetted in value, the lower/middle class now is subect to the taxes. It’s difficult to comprehend, but if the inflation rate of the last two years continues, in only 12-15 years, a McDonald’s worker will be earning $100,000 but will be unable to buy anything more than he/she already does today. Remember that the next time a politician purposes some new “tax on the rich” buried in a 2000-page bill, using a formula involving dozens of numbers and calculations.

joe biden dress tax the rich covering tax middle class

You may face a ‘stealth tax’ on Social Security benefits, expert warns

Message of the Day

message over medicated undereducated how they want us

Quote of the Day

quote younger not fitting in flaw now freedom john green

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