04-10 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

bear fisherman fastest great story to tell
wife shirt department neck size squeeze fit around
restaurant celebrating anything no kids dessert
paramedics entagled in domestic appliance vacuum cleaner
gavin newsom crashed state of california bus hitching white house
homer how i sleep conspiracy theories never surrender
breaking news world out of common sense
democrat kid flasher transgender ok
babylon bee beverage pretending to be beer man woman
ceo lansing npr waste time hunter biden laptop disturbed twitter
buffalo bill bud light in basement

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet friends love and support translates stupid play out
tweet son do better stuff every social interaction
tweet before phones look at before driving

Quote of the Day

quote seth dillon babylon bee satire behind cnn

Message of the Day

message banana is apple conspiracy theorist stop questioning narrative

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