04-11 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

mother crocodile baby croc mouth nature
baby yoda omg friend cant mean say that give phone
parents date night miss kids
people say youre an ahole blushing stop
lost cycling skill chopping head bicycle
columbo one more thing dr fauci stop new variants left nih
democrats reading put xi book raid indict jail rivals
joe biden afghanistan withdrawal crash perfect blame trump
manhatten da wont normalize criminal conduct tv screen looting

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet ticketmaster the cure fees
tweet therapist pick most entertaining client refund session
tweet need to be present for kids 2 hourse enough
tweet kid morning grown up dread not there yet

Quote of the Day

quote maksian life throw you curves foul them off right pitch run bases

Message of the Day

message shout out people saving my life wearing masks alone in car

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