04-12 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

evil queens disney princesses worked customer service too long
wife husband golf club remembered birthday
outdoorsman vs my relatives go camping
drink launch new psyop burnt out last one
dog motorcycle my other ride is your leg
democrats ban harmful americans doj irs fbi
liquor store bud light identify as 21 year old woman
did we flatten the curve police state curfew
bragg evidence soda bigger than 16 ounces trump new york
liberal if dont like it bud light dont buy syrup

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet apple watch congratulate standing cutting cake
tweet god sends ex back life see still stupid
tweet exercise hotter mood sleep pain wouldnt do

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Quote of the Day

quote helen keller some people dont think conclusions not always pleasant

Message of the Day

message introverts fun too just dont care if you know

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