04-13 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

gen x playground injury walk it off suck it up stop crying
cat sitbit chair laps keyboard term paper
baby yoda earthquake smoke alarm tornado fan off
coaching youth sports turn to left kramer
phone googling why my neck hurts
mickey mouse disney new show diverse inclusive good
upside down world biden competitions free speech dangerous government overreach
leftists drinking bud light own conservatives
facebook remove something you posted liara idiots true
democrats hate trump much toilet us justice system

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet disneyworld new dad cost mickey balloon
tweet seeing anyone therapist hallucination or boy
tweet afraid of ghosts public speaking booooo

Quote of the Day

quote bohannon not my job prevent you failing how to stand up when fail

Message of the Day

message dont believe everything internet prince dylan metallica

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