04-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

therapist off phone cigarette alcohol
husband wife covers teeth grinding chattering
when hear youre computer person
pharmacy ask about antidepressants dogs
baby yoda dont have energy pretend like you today
job what do now taught in college soviet communism
family reunion black sheep
if build back better canoe trip deliverance
trump jury pool torches pitch forks
fda safe effective examaning cash
taliban proud of biden afghanistan withdrawal kirby trumps fault

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet sorry weird other night like every
tweet smartphones ruining lines airport subway map gps
reddit intelligent poor articulate stupid met engineers

Message of the Day

message narcissists rewrite history escape accountability u r not crazy

Quote of the Day

quote heath ledger career married house grocery list nobody happy

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2 thoughts on “04-14 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Ask if you are happy? Wow, no. Hard no.

    People are so narcissistic already. And “happy” is unclear,happy right now, over-all, …?

    We ask questions about building a life, which has generally meant spouse, career, land.

    Happy is to be a result, gained indirectly by a walk with Jesus, wise living and a life of purpose.

  2. Re: Quote of the Day

    Because when someone asks you, how are you, people mindlessly say, “good”. It is implied in your answer that you are fine. Being fine, being good, means you are not unwell. If you are not good, then stop saying you are good.
    Over sixty percent of the population live paycheck to paycheck, and that started before SARS2 was foisted on the world. It is even worse now. I’m sitting back, stacking cash, and yet, when I’m asked, I tell everyone I’m scraping by, but hanging on. My life gets happier by the day, but I don’t tell really don’t tell anyone.

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