04-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

grogu respect people glasses paid see you
wrinkles from laughter except wtf lines run deep
new dog name remember security question rest of life
original chuck e cheese tell child f themselves ashing cigar on pizza
joe biden china eating united states lunch xi
wake up son system rigged everything media lie
nobody cares do bedroom stop telling little kids about it
notice jeffrey epsteins little black book never leaked
babylon bee npr denies being national or public
macron france stabbing usa in back taiwan china

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet remember during covid government health care withheld risky behavior
tweet how live sunny not drink nonstop 60 beer helmet
tweet gardening tips artificial plant water
tweet used gave birth daughter one time
tweet being adult staring big small medium screens

Quote of the Day

quote anthony robbines how many mistakes progress ahead isnt trying

Message of the Day

message convinced some people test anger management skills

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3 thoughts on “04-16 Politically Incorrect Daily

  1. Chuck E Pestilence. That “pizza parlor” is a petri dish of every illness to which every child there has been exposed. =@[.]@=

  2. Is the exposure to germs and bacteria from a large segment of the population that keeps you healthy.

    couldn’t get out of wearing a mask for perhaps two hours
    During the whole scam sit on, and figured I had third level contact with perhaps 1 million people during the scam

    Never so much is a sniffle

    • Sure, except that teh missus and I caught something truly nasty at a kid’s birthday party in the Rat’s Nest. No, not the Wuhan Flu, as such, but an ugly illness that lasted about a week, except the lingering bronchitis which persisted long after the fever and such went away. It was the first time in a LONG time I had been ill. I’d’ve sooner passed on the party than endured that. ='[.]’=

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