04-17 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

michael jordan beer pong alcohol poisoning
wife important information husband repeat listening
karens go ahead ask for manager triple dog dare
finally got deck pool installed lawn chair
dog how i sleep at night speaking truth boundaries less likeable
joker journalists study for years write her testicles
joe biden harry reid billionaires tax liars club
taylor swift whiny songs exs stevie nicks ex play guitar songs about ahole
remember 2 years ago walked wrong way died arrows
mainstream media china xenophobia hunter russian disinformation spy balloon sight seeing
consumer virtue signals bud light trash can

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet 2025 all sequels prequels fast force paul walker millennium falcon
tweet parents seemed older ur age
tweet whole foods dandelion root tylenol corporate devil machine
tweet add eyes talking better listener

Quote of the Day

quote will rogers things country rule in spite of government not because of

Message of the Day

message character not developed ahead 3-0 baseball down 0-2 battle

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