04-18 Politically Incorrect Daily

Political Memes and Funny Pictures

parents take daughters phone away note text drawing
baby yoda my age get lucky finding car parking lot
problem solved smart car two parking spaces
every day face these three dudes big lebowski news
not now dad cyberbullying totalitarian politicians social media
padme schwab own nothing and be happy
free market brick wall epa emissions ev only allowed democrats
media why did you murder questioning gun
democrat mainstream media economy border china crime up down black is white

New Meme Gallery Added

Taxes Meme Gallery 2

Social Media Posts of the Day

tweet done with homework finished kid
tweet sorry late husbands keys exactly where said
tweet lawnchair electric skateboard life choices
tweet cant think of word english bilingual idiot

Quote of the Day

quote universe had to make hard so moved

Message of the Day

message office whiteboard people travel past change small present

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